MARCH 10, 2021

Western Sydney aerotropolis: Australia’s next global gateway is on its making to become the first-ever 21st-century city planned from the ground up. The 11,200-hectare site is centered around the Western Sydney Airport and major rail infrastructure, Badgerys’s creek and Western Sydney Aerotropolis which is under construction now. The city is divided into nine precincts including agricultural, logistics, residential, science and technology and commercial precincts. The initial master planning for the first five precincts the Western Sydney Aerotropolis: the Aerotropolis Core, Badgerys Creek, Wianamatta South Creek, Northern Gateway and Agribusiness Precinct is now underway.

The Western Sydney Aerotropolis is proposed to be providing 200,000 new jobs and 30,000 homes in the next 20 years.

While the picture is big, not everything appears to be seamless. Western Sydney aerotropolis precinct has 2,344 landowners in the area. Aerotropolis is composed of landowner holding varying land sizes most holding only a couple of hectares and limited power to influence government decision. To realise the larger picture government is relying on private landowners and developers to build a range of residential and business precincts encouraging land amalgamation given the level of infrastructure proposed. However, not all have benefited from the scheme equally.

The NSW Department of Planning has extended the community consultation deadline to 12th March 2021.

A+ Design Group stands in support of landowners in Aerotropolis area by extending power to influence state government planning decision on Western Sydney Aerotropolis: Australia’s next global gateway. We are currently helping numerous landowners within Western Sydney Aerotropolis to communicate their concerns and raise issues by preparing submissions to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment, which is the lead agency and, the Greater Sydney Commission is now considering feedback from the community till March 12, which will be used to inform the next stage of the planning process. A+ Design Group has been working across Western Sydney Aerotropolis precincts to harness maximum potential. We continue to support and work with numerous landowners, developers and other clients across the Aerotropolis . Please feel free to contact our team, we will assist you in raising your concerns to the NSW Department.